Are children welcome? Is there childcare?

Yes and Yes! Families are encouraged to worship with their children as they feel comfortable. Children are welcome to remain with their parents in the sanctuary for worship or utilize the nursery during the 10:30am service on Sundays.

The nursery (ages 0-3) is located in Bush Hall, adjacent to the sanctuary and garden.  Ushers are able to direct you.  If you desire, you may pick up your children after the Peace so they can celebrate Holy Communion.

We encourage parents and families to sit in the pews closest to the front so that children can see and hear what is going on at the altar.  Children tend to better engage in the service when they know what is happening.  We hope that you will encourage your children to participate actively.  An easy way to do this is to help them watch “the parades,” fold their hands or kneel when they pray, listen to the story during the reading of the scripture, make a joyful noise during hymns, etc.

children's area in sanctuaryThere is also a designated quiet play area for children at the front of the sanctuary, with coloring books, reading material, and toys for children who are not used to participating in the service or who are just wriggly and need a distraction.  This space also has rocking chairs for parents and small children and is located close to the side door should you need to access the nursery quickly.

How do people dress?

Even on special holy days like Easter, you’ll find a variety of formal and informally dressed people. We are a community that celebrates and worships together as we are comfortable and we welcome the differences in our styles.

Is everyone welcome at Holy Communion?

Yes, all are welcome at the altar rail where the sacrament is distributed. It is a beautiful thing to see the hands of the youngest child receive the body of Christ and say “AMEN” or even “thank you!” And then to see the hands that have worked so diligently and faced all life’s challenges also lift up their hands, say “Amen” an then go out replenished for the rest of the week to do more work for God. Some come to the altar to simply receive a blessing. We say this is our “altar call’ in response to what God has given us.


photo courtesy of Willie Wilson Photography

Are your service times always the same? How long are they?

On Sundays we worship at 10:30am.  This service celebrates Rite II Holy Communion with traditional hymns, organ music and choir. The service lasts about an hour.

Can I get married, baptized, or talk about my spiritual concerns with a priest at your church?

Yes. We are available to serve your spiritual and sacramental needs. Please call the church office Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 4:30 PM. (859) 744-4889.